Hydrogen Water Benefits You Should Know About

Are you concerned about your health? By now you may have heard all the mainstream talk about the health benefits of hydrogen water. So, what is hydrogen water? Simply, hydrogen water is water enriched or infused with hydrogen gas (H2), also known as molecular hydrogen. This means that the tiny hydrogen molecules, when dissolved in water, release hydrogen gas. This makes the water fizzy, sort of like when you drink a carbonated beverage. Hydrogen water is colorless and tasteless and safe to drink for all ages.

Molecular hydrogen is also known as a therapeutic medical gas with amazing medical potential that is becoming the biggest thing in the scientific community. Hydrogen gas is made up of two hydrogen atoms (H2) that are covalently bonded (shared electrons). This gas has a neutral charge and is the smallest and lightest gas in the universe. These qualities make hydrogen gas extremely unique because it means H2 can get anywhere it wants to in your body, including passing the blood-brain barrier, and into subcellular compartments such as the mitochondria of your cells. This means that the H2 infused water can flush harmful free radicals and toxins from your body at the cellular level. When toxins are removed, your body has a better chance to heal and repair itself.

What H2 Does In The Body

One of the best benefits of drinking H2 water is that it inherently goes after the bad guys (harmful free radicals) and helps your body make more of the good guys (antioxidants). It's like a perfect companion to pure filtered water. We already know how healthful drinking water can be. It keeps our body and organs hydrated, helps to flush out toxins, improves our skin, promotes weight loss and much more. However, regular water molecules are large and not able to hydrate or flush toxins at the cellular level. This is where hydrogen infused water can really help.

When H2 is dissolved in water, or better yet filtered water, these tiny molecules that form the two hydrogen atoms will actively seek harmful free radicals that are usually the basis of the body's imbalance. H2 can actually enter the cell wall and flush out toxins at the cellular level. Plain water can't do that. And when the H2 needs assistance it will help your body produce more antioxidants to help in the fight against harmful free radicals.

Just listen to what Tyler Lebaron of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute has to say about the health benefits of drinking hydrogen infused water.

How Do You Make Hydrogen Water?


hydrogen water tabletsYou'll find that there are very expensive hydrogen water maker machines; you'll find fancy and expensive hydrogen bottled water, and you'll even find some kind of hydrogen stick. You can do your own research, but we wanted to make it easy for people who care about their health to get the benefits of maximum strength H2 water, so we made H2 True™. H2 True™ molecular hydrogen supplements are made with all natural ingredients and offer maximum strength hydrogen gas water. The best part with H2 True tablets is that you can make your own hydrogen water anytime, anywhere, instantly.

Simply drop a tablet in 12 - 16 oz of water (filtered water is best!) and it begins to dissolve immediately. After 60 seconds or so, its completely dissolved and ready to drink... immediately. Remember H2 is still a gas, whether infused in water or not, so it can evaporate rather quickly if left out in the open. Hydrogen water is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, so its easy to drink for all ages. 

You can make your own hydrogen water the easy way using H2 True™ tablets. Our tablets are capable of producing enough H2 to saturate 500ml of water with 13 PPM*(parts per million) of H2; this far exceeds what any of the other methods can achieve. By contrast, both ionizers and hydrogen sticks typically produce between 0.1-0.5 PPM of H2, while degrading in performance over time.

H2 True™ comes in a small bottle of 60 tablets that you can carry with you, so you can make H2 water anytime on the go. 



What You Need To Know About H2 True™
  • All natural ingredients
  • Maximum Strength Hydrogen Supplement
  • 60 Tablets in Bottle and FREE Shipping
  • Quick Dissolve (60 sec)
  • Ready to Drink Immediately
  • Safe For All Age Groups
  • Makes H2 Water Anytime, Anywhere
  • Provides 13 PPM (parts per million) of H2
  • Flavorless, Colorless, and Odorless



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