Revolutionary Antioxidant Restructured Water Office Coolers. Microprocessor Control Panel allows push button control for cold, hot and regular temp clean alkaline water. Elegant design fits in any office or motel foyer area. Attractive Rental Terms Available – call or tap 888-728-2783 for details.

Would you like to help your employees be more awake, alert, healthy and less fatigued? When a person is properly hydrated with healthy clean drinking water their productivity increases. Your employees can fill up their own water bottles during the day and while it’s better for them – it will be better for you too!

Our beneficial reverse osmosis office water cooler dispensers can be conveniently connected to any existing water line to produce a continuous supply of delicious hot or cold purified drinking water. These types of filtered office water coolers come in two different styles: counter top and freestanding.

Filtered Office Water Has Benefits!

Installs directly into the water line
Pure hot and cold drinking water for the whole office
Hydrated employees are more productive – awake and alert, healthier, and less fatigued
Cost effective over bottled water and with less contamination
Low maintenance and energy efficient
No heavy jugs to lift or plastics that leach chemicals into the water

Cooler ORXC4000 Office Hot/Cold Dispenser

Office Water Cooler
with Hot/Cold Filtered Alkaline Water Dispenser

Office Absolute 3 Stage Filter Cooler (Hot/Cold) with Easy Control Panel and Illuminated Dispenser

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Office Water Filter Cooler ORXC4500

Office ORX Cooler 4500 (4 Stage Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Water Filter) {Lease Monthly}

Office Water Cooler – 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis Alkaline pH Water Filter
Features a built in cup holder and drain collection tank with an easy to use Microprocessor Control Panel


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