Protect your family with Shower Head filters with Chlorine Removal Systems. Comes in 3 colors. 100% Proprietary Blend of KDF 5-Spray Head.

Did it ever occur to you that the chlorine in your shower and bath water can do more damage to your body than drinking it? That’s because your skin is your largest organ and it’s naturally gifted with the ability to absorb both nutrients and toxins. Showering or bathing in warm water also further opens pores, so the combination of what your skin absorbs and your lungs inhale during a 10-minute shower is greater than the amount you would ingest drinking 8 glasses of water from the same tap.

Plus, without chlorine in your shower you’ll have softer hair and skin!

Self cleaning head to help prevent clogging. Hand Held Shower Head is light weight with rubber grip and is a 6 position Head. All shower heads come with easy replacement filters.

chlorine filter shower head
Shower Head w/ Chlorine Removal Filter SF50-CPG

Shower Head Filter for Chlorine Removal – Chrome Finish


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