Alkaline Water Filter Compact PHUC700

Alkaline Water Filter System – Under Sink Alkaline Water Filtration PH-UC-700

“Best Value” Alkaline Water Filter System For Drinking

Our Alkaline Water Filtration System with option of faucets will be out of site under your sink and only takes up 20% of your cabinet space.

Features 5-Stages of water filtration for maximum filtering of chlorine, chloramines, iron, fungus, most heavy metals and up to 99% of other contaminants. Provides pure, delicious alkaline pH antioxidant water for drinking and cooking. 

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Alkaline Water Filter Under Sink – pHRO1100

Alkaline Drinking Water Filter – Reverse Osmosis.  Under the Sink Style.


This Alkaline Water Filter Features 6 Stages of Water Filtering for removal of:  fluoride, lead, mercury, chlorine, arsenic chromium 6, cadmium, bacteria, radium uranium, VOCs, THMs, chloramines, sodium nitrates, microorganisms and pharmaceutical drugs. Comes with choice of lead free faucets.

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