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Alkaline Water Filter Countertop pHCT550

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Alkaline pH Water Filter System – Countertop

Fits regular standard type kitchen faucet styles only.

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Alkaline pH Water Filter System – Countertop

Alkaline pH water filtration system that sits on the counter for drinking and cooking. This alkaline water filter is an excellent way to start drinking antioxidant, structured and energized healthy water.

It ionizes and alkalizes the water and uses the same media as the home unit to remove chemicals like chlorine, chlorides, chloramines, fluoride, heavy metals and many other toxins.

This Naturally Alkaline Water filter Processor for the kitchen counter-top provides refreshing, healthful, pure alkaline drinking water. This alkaline water filter utilizes Tourmaline Ceramic, which when combined with water, emits Far-infrared rays to produce structured water. Far-infrared rays are known for their powerful healing and detoxifying effects on organisms. The purified and activated water has smaller water clusters, which are more efficient at protecting and hydrating cells.

The Alkaline pHCT550 Drinking Water Filter for the counter uses 7 Stages of Filtering:

Stage 1. Brimac is a High Calcium Carbon
It can remove chlorine, heavy metals and radioactive isotopes on top of fluoride.

Stage 2. Kinetic Degradation Fluxion.
KDF is patented and proven to remove chloramines, chlorine, bacteria, iron, fungus, algae, hydrogen sulfied, most heavy metals and other contaminates.

Stage 3. Catalytic Carbon.
Retains conventional carbon’s ability to absorb contaminants, but it also possesses greatly enhanced capacity to catalyze. It is by catalytic action that chloramine is reduced.

Stage 4. Tourmaline.
As a mineral, it has become a focus of research at universities and research centers world wide. tourmaline is the only mineral to show permanent electrical activity. NEG ORP

Stage 5. Far Infrared (FIR) Rays Fe 2 Fe3 (makes the water molecules smaller).
It is known to be helpful for improving circulation, relieving stress, increasing mental alertness and strengthening the immune system.

Stage 6. Minerals added.
Calcium, magnesium, potassium, salt, only 60 ppm total.

Stage 7. Alkaline stabilizer.
Coconut Carbon for taste.


=> Please note:  Accurate pH readings must be done with a pH tester and not pH testing paper strips. Our Test MW 100 or similar product is recommended.


The statements herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information and statements made are for educational purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 17 in

6 reviews for Alkaline Water Filter Countertop pHCT550

  1. Daryl Regier

    We bought our countertop system in May/2018, which worked really good and three months later it’s takes 34 seconds to produce one cup of water. Waiting for a support reply.

    • LeAnn

      Hi, I’m sorry I just saw this now. We have had a full reboot of our website. can you please tell me what is happening with your system? For immediate response, please email me directly to leann@phprescription.com
      I look forward to fixing your problem.

  2. Ashley

    I can’t leave home without taking a gallon of this water for my family everywhere we go. Such a blessing for our lives and many family members that now have this system! Glad Dr. Tennant recommended!

  3. Diego T

    I’ve used this system for 3 years now and I can’t stop talking about it. I have been so blessed by quality of this water ,that I’ve become somewhat of a water snob. I cringe when I see people drink tap water at restaurants and or plastic bottled water everywhere I go. My glass water bottle,with alkaline structured water, has become a must have when I leave home. My skin and hair quality have improved significantly . My 13 year old dog also drinks water from this system and I believe the alkalinity of the water has facilitated the masses she developed to disappear . I’m very greatful for this company and the technology they are sharing with the world

  4. Ivan

    This is the best water filter I have ever use at home. It is the right alkaline filter plus it also removes chlorine and other contaminants in my tap water. Definitely recommend this product!

  5. H Wynne

    My whole family loves Leo’s alkaline above counter water filter! The water tastes better, and hydrates better–it disappears in your mouth all by itself if you leave any unswallowed. My prostate cancer marker numbers went down after I installed this filter along with a whole house carbon/kdf filter (turns out I had a transient dichloromethane contaminated private well.) Filters fixed the problem until the acquifer cleared out the chemical.
    Installation note: I put in a ball valve on a piece of copper tubing from under the sink, through a drilled hole in the sink, and attached the filter’s flexible tubing to the valve with a barbed fitting. The filter is mounted to the side of my kitchen cabinet, up out of the way, but with spout over the sink. Easy to use, and doesn’t tie up the regular sink faucet.

  6. C. Smith

    I love my new alkaline water filter! The water from this filter is really delicious – you can taste what’s missing if that makes sense. I’ve always had a Brita filter (which is better than nothing), but when I decided to take the next step and go for the best there was no other choice than to go with an alkaline structured water filter. I feel like after a couple of weeks my skin looks so much better too. Great water filter – I highly recommend.

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