Whole House Water Filter System (WMS) (Chlorine Removal)


Whole House Water Filtration System

Home Water Filter System for purification of non-fluoridated city water. Attaches to your main water line removing chlorine and structuring the water before it enters your home.

Please Note:  If you are on a well water system, please contact us for water testing and development of a custom whole house water purification system for your specific needs.


Whole House Water Filter System – Chlorine Removal

The Water Management System (WMS) not only removes harmful chlorine, it is designed to create structured water. Our proprietary process removes contaminants without removing the beneficial minerals from the water.

Structured Water

First the water passes through a bed of pure KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion). KDF Media is known to kill algae and fungi, control bacteria growth, remove Chlorine, and unpleasant taste and odor, 

3-Stage Vortexing Magnetic Field

Then it flows through our patented three stage vortexing magnetic field. The first stage of vortexing is comprised of water spinning through a left handed Fibonacci spiral designed to break down long chain water molecules.

In the second stage the water travels through a very strong magnetic field, with six strategically placed magnets. This removes memory from the water. Then the water spins through a right handed Fibonacci vortex which is designed to channel energy into the water.

This whole house water filter is ideal for those who are connected to a non-fluoridated municipal water supply.


Water Filter System Installation

We are happy to assist you in finding a certified plumber in your area for your water filter system installation. Just call us at 888-728-2783 or 772-201-2929 for questions or assistance.



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