The Reality of The Water We Drink

As if there weren’t already enough reasons to drink filtered water, now there are even more. The water that we are exposed to on a daily basis may appear to be pristine; however it is what you don’t see is what will eventually get you. A new study on the safety of water shows that the chemicals that are in the environment and end up in the drinking water can cause all kinds of disease.


Contamination of drinking water can occur in several ways. A region’s industrial and agricultural practices, geological make up, and weather patterns often determine which contaminants make their way into source water, which is the body of surface or ground water from which drinking water supplies are derived.

This research links exposure to environmental toxins such as the solvent trichloroethylene with a six times increase for the risk of contracting Parkinson’s disease. Other chlorinated solvents such as PERC and carbon tetra chloride also showed a significant increase in risk to the body on several levels. These health issues are just the tip of the iceberg simply because the research has just begun. Scientists are really not sure how all of these toxic materials will affect the body as single entities, let alone when they are combined with other toxic materials and other environmental factors.

It is not well known but trichloroethylene is one of the top ten contaminants in drinking water. It is found in over 30% of the water that is consumed in the U.S.! If you think that well water is any safer, you would most likely be wrong because the ground water at lower altitudes is ‘run off’ water and is most likely loaded with waste from businesses, pharmaceuticals from nursing homes and residential fertilizers and pesticides.

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Exposure to microbes in water can lead to nausea, fevers, diarrhea and dehydration. Long-term exposure can cause rashes, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and a number of immune, neurological, developmental, and reproductive problems.

These chemicals are neuro-toxic and will accumulate in the body over time. If you combine these with the other hormones and chemicals that are not filtered out of your water, it is an accident waiting to happen! This information isn’t being presented to scare the public, it isn’t meant as a scare tactic…this is a reality. It is happening right now! Think of it this way, if a bus was heading right for you and you didn’t see it coming, you would want someone to say something, right? This is that bus…

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