What Makes Us Different

Just like everyone else, we sell products. What makes us different is that we listen to our customers, their own particular needs and design the appropriate system.

We make our own customized systems for specific purposes in our facility in Palm City, Florida.

Many of our installations are customized specifically to meet a plethora of different situations. This may involve visits to our customers’ residence, taking and analyzing water samples, and recommending the right customized water treatment system for that residence or business.

We constantly research new media being developed for our filtering system. Unfolding scientific breakthroughs are consistently monitored and explored, as well as our ongoing internal research.

We are a leader in the design and use of vortex systems to energize water. Ongoing research and design incorporates Fibonacci principles and magnetic technology.

Our whole house/business systems are composed of the best components specifically engineered and designed for the problems associated with that particular location, whether it be a municipal water system or well water.

We also give seminars/workshops throughout the country educating health care professionals and others on the importance of quality water.

All parts are manufactured and assembled in America.


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