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     The Benefits of Alkaline Water


Alkaline & Reverse Osmosis System Water Filters
For Home and Office

Mission Statement

pH Prescription is committed to providing the highest quality structured water available. We strive to be an industry leader in the development and production of structured water systems for the benefit of mankind throughout the world. We offer our customers advanced technologies and quality products to provide truly efficient, cost-effective alternatives to expensive off the shelf water ionizers and bottled water.

We listen to your situation and concerns and can design a system specifically for you. Whether it is a basic filter or a highly structured alkaline water system, we have the expertise and the products to meet your needs. Our customers include office complexes, manufacturing facilities, condos/apartments, as well as individual homeowners. We retain only professional representatives and installation technicians who are trained and certified under the guidelines of the Water Quality Association.


Why Buy A Whole House Water Filter?

A whole house water filtration system by pH Prescription offers many healthful and cost effective benefits. We believe we have the best whole house water filter available today and so will you! Not only will you be able to get clean purified water from every water source in your home, but you’ll be able to stop contaminants and toxins before they enter your home to keep your family healthier and chemical free. Our superior water purification systems accomplish the removal of poisons like chlorine, chloramines, fluorides, rust, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and many more toxic contaminants from entering your home and harming the health of your family.

Benefits of Installing a Home Water Filtration System

Immediately you’ll experience the difference a home water purification system makes in your daily life: Enjoy the anti-aging benefits of healthier skin and hair. Experience pure clean water that’s better tasting for cooking and brewing. Breathe healthier air – no more toxic chlorine vapors when showering or flushing. Extend the life of your appliances that use water (dishwashers, water heaters, washing machines). We would love to help you decide which whole house water filtration system may be best suited for you and your unique water contaminants. Through testing, we can even make a custom whole house water filter for your specific water filtration needs.

Why You Need A Drinking Water Filter

A question we often get is, “if I have a whole house water filter do I still need to buy a water filter for drinking?” The answer is yes. Even though you may have a whole house water filter that’s attached to your incoming main water line, the clean water is still coming through your plumbing. Many homes have older plumbing, which can lead to heavy metals getting into your water supply even after your whole house filter has already filtered the water. However, even though the water is free of contaminants it's still not purified for drinking. Therefore, if you want to be absolutely certain you are getting the purest water you can, you’ll want to filter all the water that comes into the house, and then filtering again at the kitchen sink. Our Alkaline drinking water filters provide the cleanest and purest form of energized structured Alkaline pH water for extraordinary health benefits for families and businesses.

Alkaline Water Filters and Reverse Osmosis System Water Filters

Our under-sink reverse osmosis water filter is a filtration process that offers many health benefits such as:

  • Delicious tasting purified Water for better health benefits
  • Uses a higher filtration process. Removes more harmful contaminants and toxins in your water – up to 99%
  • Raises Alkaline pH to 8.5 – 9.5 to help reduce acidity in the body, a significant cause of many illnesses
  • Increases oxygen and electrons in the water to make “living” water
  • Water molecules are re-structured for better cell membrane assimilation and hydration
  • Water is energized for antioxidant anti-aging properties

Here at pH Prescription our technology has advanced to the point where we can now manipulate the simple, taken for granted water molecule and put it to work. To enhance this process, we use Fibonacci Sacred Geometry vortexes with added magnetic fields to alter the structure of the water molecule so that it produces (or frees up) millions and millions of electrons.

We have counter-top faucet models and under-sink reverse osmosis drinking water filters that provide clean pure alkaline drinking water. We can even make a custom alkaline and pH drinking water filter adapted for your particular city water or well water contaminants.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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