pH Prescription, LLC

Headquartered in Florida and founded in 2005, our predecessor and now our current company has become a leader in the purification and structuring of water. We have customers in all 50 states and a number of foreign countries. We supply homes, offices, condos, apartments and manufacturing facilities with sophisticated water filtration systems. Our customers are offered advanced technologies and quality products to provide truly efficient, cost effective alternatives to expensive water ionizers and bottled water.

We retain only professional representatives and installation technicians who are trained and certified under the guidelines of the Water Quality Association.

Meet Our Staff


Leo Szymborski, President/Founder of pH Prescription

Leo-Szymborski-founder-phprescriptionLeo has worked in the water treatment and purification business for over 30 years. pH Prescription water filtration systems change the water naturally without electricity. Our technology has advanced to the point where we can now manipulate the simple, taken for granted water molecule and put it to work. These minerals alter the structure of the water molecule so that it produces (or frees up) millions and millions of electrons in changing the molecular structure of water so that it becomes an antioxidant itself! These unique water filtration systems remove chlorine, fluorides, pharmaceutical drugs, Arsenic, Bacteria, Nitrates, Radiation and much more. pH Prescription is approved and used by Medical Professionals and Water Experts worldwide.



LeAnn Szymborski, Vice President/COO

LeAnn Szymborski, Vice President/COO, has extensive experience in the water purification arena. She is responsible for customer relations and the efficient running of the office and the ramifications thereof.

Michele Bell, Financial Specialist

Michele Bell, Financial Specialist, is a degreed accountant in charge of the financial aspects of our company. She has nine years’ experience in business and finance.

Our Advisory Board


Certified by the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery and the American Board of Surgery, Dr. DeMarta practices in Stuart, Florida. She participated in clerkships in Oldchurch and Rush Green Hospitals, Romford, Essex, United Kingdom, University of the London Hospital Affiliates and Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia. She is also certified by the American Board of Anti-Aging and regenerative Medicine (ABAARM).


Susan’s specialty has been in the field of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery as a Registered Nurse First Assistant. She received her certification in plastic surgery in 1989 and has had extensive training and experience in the treatment of veins, soft tissue fillers and Botox techniques, rejuvenation and restoration of the skin with the use of radio frequency, light therapy, laser and nano technology. Susan is a Diplomat in Anti-Aging and received her training through the A4M in the application of Bio Identical Hormone Restoration and Micronutrient Supplementation. An international lecturer, she has participated in medical missions to Ukraine since 1995. She is President of Beaute Therapies Medial Spas and maintains clinics in Boca Raton, Florida and Essex, Massachusetts.


Mr. Moffitt has had a varied business career, holding many management positions. Career highlights include managing partner of the largest CPA firm in Delaware, restaurant owner, developer of 120 beach front townhouse units, managed a 3-restaurant and 4-bar complex while bringing them out of bankruptcy, management consultant to over 20 companies in various industries, business broker, U.S. Coast Guard Captain, President of Value Alternatives, Inc. – a company involved in fraud investigations and business valuations and various real estate related entities.


An international lecturer, Jerry spoke on Ophthalmic Surgery from 1978-1995 and Energetic Medicine from 2004-present. Jerry has published 5 books and written numerous medical articles. He hold over 12 patents and is the founder and President of the Tennant Institute for Integrative and Natural Medicine, started in 2005. He is licensed in Integrative Medicine, Homeopathy and Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Tennant has developed systems to measure the voltage of organs, identify how the voltage leaks from the body and to connect them when the voltage is low. This addresses infections that damage the organs on the corresponding acupuncture meridians. Dr. Tennant practices in Dallas, Texas.


Dr. Tiller served as Chairman of the Department of Materials Science of Stanford University and continues as Professor Emeritus. He has lectured widely on the topic of psychoenergetics, as well as on conventional materials science. Dr. Tiller was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship and attended Oxford University. He has published over 260 scientific papers, 3 books and is the owner of 6 patents. He served as Research Scientist and Advisory Physicist for Westinghouse Research Laboratories, conducting basic and applied research in the area of crystallization science – from 100 ton steel ingots to dislocation-free silicon crystals. He was either P.I. or co P.I. on over $10M of D.O.D. and NASA contracts. Dr. Tiller has conducted extensive research in water treatment as it applies to “EM gauge symmetry of that space so that an additional thermodynamic potential exists to increase the operational efficiency of that technology in the direction of the specific intention statement for that particular IIED”. Dr. Tiller maintains offices in Colorado.


Bill had over 26 years’ experience at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft as a Test Area Research and Development Engineer and Supervisor. His responsibilities included testing of military and commercial aircraft and rocket engines, including the calibration and maintenance of the instrumentation and data systems used in this testing. He currently is a consultant on strategic projects, with an office in Jensen Beach, Florida.


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